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Your kiss touched my soul

Your kiss touched my soul
and made me come alive.
Your touch caressed
my body while your words
stimulated my mind.
And your eyes spoke to my my heart.
And my soul danced in your smile..!!

Husn Ki Jheel Ho Tum

Husn Ki Jheel Ho Tum Aur Kinare Hain Ye Hont,
Sach To Ye Hai K Mujhe Jan Se Pyare Hain Ye Hont,
Mein Ne Har Bar Mohabbat Se Inhain Chooma Hai,
Us Ne Har Bar Mohabbat Se Ubhare Hain Ye Hont,
Hath Honton Pe Mere Rakh K Mujhe Kehne Lage,
Rokiye In Ko Bahut Shoq K Mare Hain Ye Hont,
Band Hote Hain Ye Inkar Ki Sorat Mein Magar,
Adh Khile Hon To Mohabbat K Ishare Hain Ye Hont,
Aaj Khud Apne Muqadar Pe Mujhe Rashk Aya,
Aj Honton Mein Mere Us Ne Utare Hain Ye Hont,
Choom Kar Hont Mere Us Ne Kaha Tha Ye
“Q A T E E L”
Bas Tumhare Hain Tumhare Hain, Tumhare Hain Ye Hont..!!


Teri Kalaai Ki “Ch0oriyan”

Kitni Khush-Naseeb Hai Teri Kalaai Ki
Rehne K0 Jinhen
Mili Tere Baazu0n Ki

Meri zindagi ka sawal hai

Teri dil faraib ada’ayen
meri jan le len gi.
Yeh andaz-e-nazar badlo,
meri zindagi ka sawal hai..!!

Romantic Love Quote

Love is when
There are a million things.
You wanna say to someone,
but when they look you in eyes
and hold you in arms,
nothing in life matters other than
being with that person
at the moment..!!

I’ll make you happy

I’ll make you happy, baby,
just wait and see.
For every kiss you give me
I’ll give you three..!!

I’m So in Love

Hold Me in Your Arms
& Never Let Me Go.
Kiss Me On My Lips;
But So Sweet & Slow.
Tell Me that You Love Me,
But Only If It is True.
Now, Let Me Tell You Something,
I’m So in Love with You..!!

I am lost in your magic

Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in your magic
My heart beats within your chest..!!