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Uss Waqt Tak Koi Faisla

Uss Waqt Tak Koi Faisla Na karo
Jab Tak Tumhare Khoon ki “Gardish” Aur
Dil ki “Dharkan”
Pur-Sakoon Na Ho Jahe..!!

Never show your affection

Never show your affection
and care to anyone
in this deceptive world.
because it’s human tendency
to underestimate anything
given free of cost..
It’s true!

Hamesha Ehsas Woh Insan

Hamesha Ehsas Woh Insan Karta Hai
Jo Khudgharz Nahin Hota.
Kiyon K
Ehsas Hi Woh Cheez Hai Jo Rishton Ki
Buniyad Hoti Hai.

Good mOrning!!

Ignore Hateful Attitude


Always ignore Hateful Attitude
and Rude Behaviour of people..
Because they are Powerless
Without your Response..

Have a good day!!

Life Can Give Us

Life Can Give Us a Number
Of Beautiful Persons.
But Only A True Person
Can Give us a Beautiful Life.

Keep Hold Of Them Always..!!

Un-Expected Results

Un-Expected Results &
Problems are part of life
Never loose hope in any condition.
BcoZ Darkness of night always
finishes with light of day.

Be that ideal person

Do no look for that
ideal person to be with,
be that ideal person.

Have a nice day!!

Advice SMS About Love

It’s better to love someone
who loves you than to wait
for someone you love but they don’t..!!