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Un-Expected Results

Un-Expected Results &
Problems are part of life
Never loose hope in any condition.
BcoZ Darkness of night always
finishes with light of day.

Be that ideal person

Do no look for that
ideal person to be with,
be that ideal person.

Have a nice day!!


Advice SMS About Love

It’s better to love someone
who loves you than to wait
for someone you love but they don’t..!!

Apnay gusay ko hamesha

Apnay gusay ko hamesha tum qaboo
main rakho kyun k insaan gusy
main wo kuch kar jata hai
jo k tum asal main nahi karna chahte..!!

Life’s too short to wake up

Life’s too short to wake up
in the morning with regrets.
So, love the people who treat you
right and forget about the ones who don’t..!!

Apno Se Apny jesa

Apno Se Apny jesa Hony ki Umed Mat kro..
Q.K Ap kisi ka seedha Hath
Apny Seedhy Hath me pakr kr,
Us k Sath Chal Nhi Sakty..!!

Excellent Advice

Excellent Advice
If U have something to say someone,
just go & tell the person by yourself,
Before they hear the REMIX version
from someone else..:-)
Good Morning!!

Save Relationship SMS

The best thing to learn in life
is the habit of c0mpr0mise.
It’s better to bend a little,
than to break a L0ving relati0nship..!!