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Argument Wins the situation

Argument Wins the situation
but loses the person.
SO never argue unnecessarily
with your dear one’s
just to win situation..!!

Sara Jahan Hai Uska

Sara Jahan Hai Uska,
Jo Muskrana Seekh Ly

Roshni Hai Uski,
Jo Shama Jalana Seekh Ly

Har Gali Me Mandir,
Har Rah Me Masjid Hai “iqbal”

Par KHUDA Hai Uska,
Jo Sar Jhukana Seekh Ly..!!

Ways to Successful Relationship

6 keys to a successful relationship:
✓ Friendship
✓ Freedom
✓ Honesty
✓ Trust
✓ Understanding
✓ Communication

Trust is the base of any relationship

Trust is the base of any relationship.

Always be careful before doing any little act,


Just missing of “T” can RUST the relationship…
shab bakhair.. :)

Karwi Baat Hai Lekin Sach

Karwi Baat Hai Lekin Sach Hai?

Hum Kisi K Liye Us Waqt Tak Special Hain,
Jab Tak Unhen Koi Doosra Nahi Mil Jaata..!!

Use your smile

Use your smile to change the world
Don’t let the world change your smile..!!

Nice Msg

RAB Jis Cheez Ko Tumhare Qarib Kr Dy
Us Mein Hikmat Talash Karo,
Jis Cheez Ko Tum Se Duor Kr Dy
Us Pe Sabar Ikhtyar Karo.
Good Morning!!

Be thankful

Be thankful for what you have.
You have no idea
how many people would love
to have what you’ve got..!!

Never Share Your Secret

Never Share Your Secret
With Other Person,
He/She Will Disclose It One Day.!!

You will find true happiness

If you learn to control
your emotion and thoughts,
you will find true happiness with in you..!!

Be strong

Be strong to accept the challenges of life.
Don’t say to God: Why me?
Instead say: Try me!
Let’s live a courageous and challenging life..!!

Breakups hurt

Breakups hurt,
but losing someone who doesn’t
respect and appreciate you
is actually a gain,
not a loss…

Uss Waqt Tak Koi Faisla

Uss Waqt Tak Koi Faisla Na karo
Jab Tak Tumhare Khoon ki “Gardish” Aur
Dil ki “Dharkan”
Pur-Sakoon Na Ho Jahe..!!

Never show your affection

Never show your affection
and care to anyone
in this deceptive world.
because it’s human tendency
to underestimate anything
given free of cost..
It’s true!

Hamesha Ehsas Woh Insan

Hamesha Ehsas Woh Insan Karta Hai
Jo Khudgharz Nahin Hota.
Kiyon K
Ehsas Hi Woh Cheez Hai Jo Rishton Ki
Buniyad Hoti Hai.

Good mOrning!!