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Juma Mubarak!!

We Always feel that ALLAH’s
Blessings Never come on time.
But the Truth is…
They are Always on time…
but we are
Always in Hurry…

Jumma Mubarak!!

Jummahh Mubarak

Apne “RAB” ko mat Batao k
Tumhari Mushkil kitni bari hai
Apni Mushkil ko batao k
Tumhara “RAB” kitna Bara hai..subhanAllah

Jumma Mubarak!!


Happy Jumma Day

Never search your happiness in others.
Find it with Allah and
you’ll feel happy even
when you are alone.

Happy Jumma Day!!

Islamic Jumma Mubarak SMS

The Almighty made you and loves you.
He will never reject you
no matter what your past is,
so do not
delay or hesitate to turn to Him.
He is and shall always be there for “YOU”.

Jumma Mubarak!!

Allah loves you

Allah loves you.
No matter where you have been,
no matter what you have done,
no matter how deep you have fell,
there is always forgiveness.
Have a blessed JUMMAH!!

May Allah make us pray

Don’t take Salah (prayer) as a burden.
ALLAH gifted us Salah as a ‘relief’
from burden.
May Allah make us pray
with genuine sincerity. (Ameen)
Jumma Mubarak!!

Juma mbarik

Ya ALLAH heal our pain,
fil our hearts wid humility.
Change tears ov sorrows into joy.
Shower us wid UR infinite mercy nd
blessings Ameen!!
Juma mbarik!!

Start collecting this Currency

In this world
You buy things with Currency Butt,
On tha day of Judgement
Only your good deeds
Can buy u Heaven.
It is the right time to,
Start collecting this Currency!!